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Welcome to the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church website.  Here you will find information about the parish, its' history, schedules, bulletins, ministries and more.  We hope you find this informative and interesting whether you are a parishioner or just a casual visitor.  God bless you and please visit again.

Recent additions to the Bulletin.  Please click this link to see this information.


Thanks to all parishioners, your families and friends who saved plastic caps for our parish recycled bench.  Thanks also to St. John the Evangelist School and the Town of Merrillville for large donations of caps.  We’ve reached our 400 pound goal, and will be receiving our bench in June!   Please either recycle any caps that you might have (or possibly save them at your home in case we participate again next year!)  The drop-off boxes will be removed, so please don't bring any more caps to the church!  Thank you again for your help!

Schedule of Masses

Saturday - 4:00 PM

Sunday - 10:00 AM


Holyday Vigil - To Be Announced

Holyday - To Be Announced


Morning Mass Mon. - Fri. at 8am held at St. Joan of Arc Parish, 200 E. 78th Av., Merrillville.


Sacrament of Reconciliation
Tuesday  From 1:00 to 2:00 PM


Saints Peter & Paul Parish • Roman Catholic Church
5885 Harrison Street  • Merrillville, Indiana 46410

Phone: 219.980.2693 • Fax: 219.980.2851