What does stewardship really mean?



What does stewardship really mean?

It means understanding and using who we are, what we have, what we do, to carry out the mission for which we were sent.  I am a child of God...unique, different than any other human being...a frighteningly awesome, humbling, exciting, and challenging fact.  It is my responsibility to try and find out in what ways I am unique and how to use what I find out.

With what abilities have I been endowed?  Do I know how I'm to use my material possessions to accomplish that purpose?  My stewardship is my response to God's love for me.  Our understanding of our personal stewardship today is not necessarily what our understanding will be tomorrow.  It changes with age, physical capacities, economic circumstances and the growth that comes as we move from the 'now I lay me down to sleep' kind of prayers to longer periods of silence, listening and meditation.  Christian stewardship encompasses all things.  What you and I return to our Lord is in direct proportion to how well we understand who we are, why we are here, and our willful commitment to try and express our thanks.

Each week, the parish counts on your generosity to continue God's work on Earth.

With life's never-ending demands on our time and yes, money, sometimes giving to the Church is the last thing on our minds.  There are many ways to financially support the Church and all its ministries:  weekly envelopes, second collections, weekly rummage sale, planned estate giving.